Achillea Millefolium

Yarrow is an easy to grow herb that is often used as an ornamental addition in gardens due to its quick growing power and attractive pink and white flowers. It is native to Europe but grows well in North America. The Greek and Romans are said to have used it to heal injuries during war time. Today, many use it in cosmetics and to flavor food.

Herbal Beauty

Turned into a tincture, tea, moistuizer, essential oil:

  • Astringent for dry and combination skin
  • Bath infusions
  • Poultice to calm irritated skin
  • Helps acne scars
  • Face cleanser glowing skin

Parts used: Flower and leaves

Culinary Use: Has a sweet flavor. Often used in salads and teas

Health: High blood pressure, allergies, lack of appetitle, heartburn, regulates menstrual cycle, colds, fever, flu, vascular problems

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