A luxury spa can be recreated at home with basic kitchen supplies. You don’t have to be a great cook or even work in a professional kitchen to develop herbal recipes. You can create a natural glow, soft hands, and soft hair with natural ingredients and at home equipment.

It is recommended that the kitchen equipment that you decide to use is reserved solely for the beauty and cosmetic recipes you make.

However, if you are unable or prefer not to do so just make sure everything is properly sterilized. The following items are suggested pieces of equipment you will need, coupled with links to where you can purchase them.

1. Blender:

Very versatile and will probably be one of your most used pieces of equipment. To better sterilize, I would recommend a glass jar over plastic. I use the Ninja Blender, purchased from Amazon.

2. Double Boiler:

Produces gentle, even heat, which is helpful in making oils and aromatics, creams, and balms. Please use stainless steel, enamel, or glass pots and pans; You can change the chemistry of the product if you use cast iron, copper, or Teflon. Double boilers do not have to be expensive, in fact, I purchased my Cuisinart Double Boiler from Amazon.

3. Cutting Board:

It is nice to have cutting boards of different sizes and material. I have both wood and plastic boards, but you can get away with just one size (recommended large); but it is best to purchase different material. While you do not have to separate your boards from your kitchen as long as they are properly sterilized, I keep them separate from my kitchen utensils. The large Teak Wood Cutting Board it is a bit pricey but works great. If you are looking for something less expensive, I recommend this bamboo cutting board – both purchased from Amazon.

4. Eyedroppers:

Glass eyedroppers are used for measuring essential oils. They can be found at herbal and spice shops, but I have found them to be cheaper at Target, Walmart, and Amazon. I purchased this Glass Liquid Dropper set from Amazon.

5. Funnels:

Used to fill containers with little to no mess. Most funnels are plastic so make sure to keep them separate from those you are cooking with. I purchased these Stainless Steel Funnels from Amazon, but you can find them at any herbal shop or large box store.

6. Tongs/Whisks/ Spatulas:

The varied equipment necessary to make beauty and cosmetics also requires smaller utensils. Many containers and items you use can become quite hot, too hot to handle, which is where tongs can come in handy. I really like These Stainless Steal Tongs from Amazon. They are a great price and very reliable. Whisks are essential when making your own beauty products; they also help to disperse the wonderful scents. A Set of Spatulas are important in any home kitchen, but I would recommend you keep them separate from those you cook with.

7. Zester/Grater:

Zesters will help to remove all, or at least most of the exterior of the fruit and veggies needed for the many recipes you will find throughout the GreenandGolden.com. Graters, while similar to zesters, are excellent when using soaps. You can use either plastic or metal. I have nicked myself one to many times on the metal graters, so I use plastic. You can purchase both the Zester and Grater at home living stores, but I found mine on Amazon for a great price.

8. Bowls:

An especially useful tool when making various recipes, you can use both glass and stainless steel. I often use both, but I really like these Duralex Nesting Bowls from Crate and Barrel. They come in a variety of sizes and are useful in the kitchen and for herbal recipes.

9. Saucepans:

Varied sizes of pots and pans are important. While large pots are great when using floral and aromatics, small pans will help when creating smaller batches. For my herbal and beauty recipes I purchased This Cuisinart Pan from Amazon. It is a great price and very sturdy. 

10. Mortar and Pestle:

While not a necessary piece of equipment for herbs and spices, I like using them, and believe they come in handy. I really like this Marble and Pestle one from Amazon.

11. Gloves:

Disposable gloves tend to be my go to, but dishwashing gloves are just as useful – as long as you find some that will protect your hands you should be fine. I purchased these Medical Grade gloves from Amazon.

12. Knives:

You will find yourself picking up a knife to cut herbs, spices, fruit, and vegetables more times than you can count when using natural ingredients. A decent set of paring knives are important. I still use the same cooking knifes, just properly sterilize them first, but if you want to keep your utensils separate, I can recommend This Cuisinart Set from Amazon.

13. Measuring Cups/Spoons:

Helpful in keeping ingredients in proportion, similar to baking, beauty recipes should be as precise as possible. I use the same cooking measuring cups and spoons but if you want to separate them, I recommend this Pyrex Measuring Cup from Amazon. You can also find Measuring Cups and Spoons here.

14. Stirring:

Stirring seems very vague but they can vary from wood sticks to glass rods. Just make sure they are long and thin enough to stir. I recommend these Glass Rods from Amazon.

15. Spice Mill:

A spice mill or coffee grinder, or even a blender, is important to grind flowers, nuts, seeds, and oatmeal. Similar to a blender, a spice mill will be an essential piece of equipment in your collection. I purchase this spice mill from Amazon.

15 Herbal Home Spa Utensils You Can’t Live Without

Whether for health or for beauty and no matter your experience level, you just read about 15 of the most important utensils all home herbalists must have to recreate that luxury spa experience.

I’m curious to hear what some of your top home herbal utensils are, feel free to post in the comments below!

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